Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30

The launch, or rather relaunch, of Roofscape Magazine is the day after tomorrow, Monday, June 1, 2009. Naturally, we're flat out, but took time to both renew our Garden Journal and do a little gardening.

Our office on the third floor now has a permanent herb garden in the wall of windows facing to the southeast. We're testing techniques for cultivating fresh cooking herbs indoors year around.

The current lineup on the window sill is ... basil, chervil, 3-cilantro,
dill, spinach and 3-summer savory. We added 3 of those today from pots hardening off on the porch that were heading to the garden, then groomed and watered the expanding collection. Thinned the cucumbers growing in a planter out on the fire escape to 2 per 6" pot.

Freddie planted the peppers I started for her in April from seeds her mother sent from Germany. Planted ours in the Fenway garden in mid-May.

Charles and I looked over several home garden projects ... fence for the front yard, raised water barrel bases and a marble garden tabletop.