Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29, 2009

Roofscape is back! I'll quote from the new cover of the magazine to explain our absence.

We've been away and we look forward to being back. The recession was rough on Roofscape and regrettably we had to suspend work on the magazine for the latter part of '09.

So where have we been? We took our design and building skills, found a partner and started a new business designing and building interiors and landscapes for private and business clients, mostly in Boston's beautiful South End. And we've been fortunate enough to find some wonderful clients with interesting projects. We appreciate you.

We'll be working our way back to you - gradually, in a manageable manner. By January 1st we'll have a new cover, articles and features inside the magazine and at Roofscape Journal, plus a new, lighter color scheme.

We're working from the cover in, starting with a new seasonal image Along a Northbound Rail Line from Boston. The N-E-W-S @ Roofscape is completely updated, featuring three new articles. The first, Paris Sketches by Charles Thiesen is edited, image and uploaded. Bike Lanes: Promise and Peril by Michael Felsen (which previewed here in November) is now online as well, as is Ciambotta, which previewed a few days ago just below.

The purpose of Roofscape Garden Journal is going to change. Fun as it is, we're going to deprecate it somewhat to focus on the magazine itself. The journal will now be a record of our work and experiences at the magazine - and yes, Roofscape's garden. OK - and maybe cool new images as soon as they're taken, as always. That's just too much fun to let go.

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