Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 24, 2011

A Yellow Warbler landed on my hat while I was sitting in the sunroom the day before last. It then flew off to the nearby fence where we both had a good chance to look each other over and get an ID. I feel blessed when birds perch on me, chickadees and titmice among the others. They don't do it lightly, although perhaps by chance.

A night of rain that evening and the garden is now flooded again, but only partly this time. The paths and patios are passable, if sort of soggy and squishy.

Working on Roofscape #1. Learning code. Marking up. Swatting bugs. Introducing and editing content. Writing new work. Back in the saddle. Fun. Of sorts. I love the challenge of coding.

Working at the Y. They're going to kick us out any minute now. Head home for the holidays. Good for them. Fellow sufferers. I've got to stop by the garden. Back anon. After these holy days. Everything closed now as if in mourning. The Puritans had it right. On the subjects of sin - and Christmas - they nailed it. Avoid both. They lead down the same path. As Niebuhr famously said, "The only provable assertion in all of religion is the existence of sin." Amen.

Image ... Shop window at the Pru.

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