Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16, 2010

Spectacular last days of summer. Perfect weather. Sunny but a low angled sun slipping toward the south and not too strong, warm but not too hot by day, cool but not cold at night. Halcyon days before the fall.

Working on my book Martin and Malcolm in Boston. It's about Martin Luther King's and Malcolm X's times in Boston.

Tomorrow and this weekend a major PR campaign in the South End to generate work. Craigslist already drew in one prospect, who I visited yesterday. Plus existing clients have some possible projects.

The scene above was in the display window of a short-lived second hand designer clothing store on Columbus Ave. in the South End. Evidently selling frocks, turbans, Manolos, beads and clutch purses to men didn't prove to be viable. Even in the South End. Go figure.

Quote of the Day
To be is to do.
Immanuel Kant

Image ... Model Citizen. South End, Boston.

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