Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010

There's a new pocket park in Lower Roxbury at the corner of Warwick and Greenwich Streets (I think), close to the corner where Tremont and Melnea Cass meet. It was designed with care, obvious community input and executed with class. There are places to stroll, picnic, swing, play and sit. There's even a garden shed which signals that ongoing maintenance is planned for. I noticed that they didn't restore the oil drum BBQ grills which had previously been prominent in the park. Perhaps a Weber is planned to stow the shed.

Pocket parks are a major urban amenity. Small - as their name implies, often just a few former house lots - pocket parks anchor neighborhoods by providing pleasant places for relaxed neighborliness. They offer a very different experience, more distinctly local and personal, than large city parks and urban park systems.

Programmed the Sunday Gospel Set. The theme this week is the coded communications that were hidden inside the slave's spirituals.

Image housekeeping, primarily from camera. I've been taking a lot of pictures lately in my travels around town. I always swear things will never again get out of hand and of course they always do. But now I'm caught up. Although let me just check the camera. Ah, free and clear. Compared with most photographers I'm absolutely parsimonious in making pictures - every frame has to count. How can they possibly cope?

On to the new Roofscape cover for 5/15, so it's late. Wretched weather. Rain, RH about 100%, low 40's, damp easterly wind off the ocean, wind chill near freezing. A good day to stay home, take care of business and rest up for what will be a crazy coming week, hopefully wit' mo' betta' weatha'.

Image ... Pocket Park. Roxbury, Mass.

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