Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 28, 2010

Month of May upon us and the temps have been in the low 40's. Is it that ash cloud over Iceland? And windy, the wind chill notching it down to just above freezing. With a cold rain. November, not May.

Biked downtown. One project outdoors and another in. Guess which I chose. Yes, warm and dry. Although overall the nastier of the two, with demo and dust. Visited KA to set up her job. Biked back. Got greens at M&M, the BBG joint in the construction yard, a sand pit of sorts, just off Norfolk. Spitting rain, reeling wind. Climbed in bed.

Programmed Bongo in Squaresville . 11 for Radio Roofscape this morning, the second show devoted to the musicians and bands of Boston Jazz Week, April 23 - May 2 (see above).

Wrote in Roofscape Journal (here) for the first time in awhile. The daily entries have all been images with just captions recently. Comments from China. We love you!

Image ... Mirror Image. Photo: KS. Edit: SB.

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