Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2, 2010

Take an in-depth guided tour of the Carter School Sensory Garden Outdoor Classroom (SGOC) in Boston with Roger Swain host of The Victory Garden, the designer, landscape architect David Berarducci and principal Marianne Kopaczynski. Requires Real Player.

The Sensory Garden Outdoor Classroom. Courtsey of David Berarducci Landscape Architecture.

The Mexican Wild tomatoes, started from seed on January 19, are just starting to set flowers, 10 weeks after planting. They may need to be potted up. Still another month or so at the earliest before transplanting outdoors.

Working on integrating Garden Gitl TV into the magazine. Somehow GGTV got off to a rough start with us. Redoing the index, background color, navBars, episode pages, descriptions, advertising, etc. to bring it all up to the current graphic and editorial standards. It was tangled. I'll never let things get like this again!

Heading downtown for a meeting. Stopping by the garden.

Garden Bridge. The Fens, Boston.

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