Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22, 2012

Made and moved Roofscape #1 to-do list to Google Calendar's Tasks. Edited and reorganized the other two task lists.

Stopped by the garden to drop off clothes from PSI locker re-org. Sat in sometimes sun, in the sunroom, over several inches of snow, and finished Julie and Julia. It cooked all the way through. The haters are idiots. So glad I didn't have to suffer Meryl Streep, however. Talk about insufferable. Some day a movie will be made without her. Until then no one is completely safe.

Lunch at Haley House. Sunday afternoon meals are always special. Menu: sliced baked ham, garden salad with a light Italian dressing, rice pilaf, rolls, apple juice, brownies and cookies. A group of very polite and fresh-faced boys from Boston Latin did the serving, dish washing, sweeping, swabbing, and I assume (arriving late), helped with the prep.

Sad to say, the diners were the usual collection of lily-white, no-nothing, bigoted idiot, Obama, King and Patrick - hating, loud-mouthed, rabid Republican losers, inveighing against the welfare state while sucking down their free food. As is always their wont. I keep myself to myself and say nothing. What can you say to total self-absorbed assholes?

Image ... Snowhill Street. The North End, Boston.

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