Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012

Added and formatted first installment of Olmsted article.

Trimmed a bucket full of zebra grass from small garden and turned it into bed A3 (last year's carrots, just in front of the ferns). Really lofted the soil. Also added last of compost from rear composter. Mined a wheelbarrow full of compost from community pile and added to A1. 40's, quite pleasant, sun and clouds.

Swore it would be a day off, and it sort of was. Lounged in the sunroom soaking up rays, meditating, ie. spacing out, thinking no particular thoughts.

Lunch at Haley House: brisket of beef, roasted potatoes, salad, rolls, gingerbread (didn't have). Everything perfectly done. Cooked by Kathleen O'Connor (who's also the H.H. Board Treasurer), her husband and their volunteer group. A great meal. Offered to work with her group.

Image ... Kylee with Kiwis.

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