Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012

13° with strong sun and a west wind this morning. Walked across town, leaving in the dark, with warmup stops along the way at Haley and the Pru. I probably won't be going to the garden today.

So I wrote. But the pull was irresistable. I ended up going to the garden and spending two hours. The sun was strong and sky cloudless with the ambient air about 20° and 30° in sun. It was quite comfortable, even sitting in the sunroom.

Picked and shelled out more Scarlet Runner beans, sitting at the grill in the small garden. Left them on the vines too long and some, which I tossed out, had mold. Raked part of that garden and moved over to the main one to start building up another bed, A-1. Seven beds lofted to date, this will be the 8th. There's still some compost left. To get more I'll mine the community piles (which need sifting, 'cause people are pretty indiscriminate). Did some more pickup, cleanup and disposal. All that was cold were my feet as I walked toward downtown. Three layers gloves kept fingers fine.

In the morning, worked on the In the Winter Garden article at the Y computer lab. New Journal entry, which I'm doing daily now, with a fresh image at the top of every entry (as seen above).

Thought for now ...
We are most alive when we're in love.
... John Updike

Image ... Frosted pane, Dorchester.

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