Friday, January 6, 2012

Production notes - Roofscape #1

a. Scripting: link colors
b. Design: department names after titles above articles.
c. Contents:
d. Welcome: write.
e. Advertising.
1. Martin: photo, more text?
2. Pasta: change fish sauce to anchovies (find qty and technique for using).
3. Beans: condense opening.
4. Quotatives: correct placement of quotation marks (also in Contents).
5. Birds: intro to article a/o bird list, format of bird list.
6. Thought: change title above quote if using depertment titles.
7. Orion: text and images.
8. Winter Garden: write wrapup.
9. On the Trail: text and map.
10. Walkie-Talkie: text.
11. Riding: title, text.
12. Olmsted: text.
13. Pickman's: check and possibly edit intro.
14. Charlie's: condense, edit.
f. Credits: may be stuff to add or revise.

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