Friday, July 3, 2009

Beans About Boston . 3

Old beans

Question ... Mount Whoredom was, or possibly still is, located where in Boston?
Possible answers ... A - Beacon Hill. B - The Combat Zone. C - Merrymount. D - Lansdowne Street.

Correct Answer ... Mount Whoredom, as it's labeled on Colonial maps, was a small summit of the Tri-Mount up above what is now Louisburg Square on Beacon Hill. It was Boston's original red light district, an open air version, and the ladies of the night were mounted by the Continental Army, Redcoats camped on the Common and generations of the Puritan city's fathers and sons. The Mount was leveled and a covent built on the spot. The dirt was dumped in the Charles River and the Charles Street Meetinghouse built on the new land.