Sunday, July 12, 2009

Laptop Landing Station | Lotus

When the Shop @ Roofscape launches on August 1, the first item we'll be offering is the t-shirt shown in the post below. Over the summer we'll roll out a line of a dozen or so fashion tees. The next item we'll offer is Laptop Landing Station Lotus, a sketch of which is just above.

The Lotus is the first model in our series of Laptop Landing Stations, which is part of our Downlow Design line. The lowdown on Downlow is this, it's furniture and furnishings designed especially for people who like to live on the floor. It includes chairs which have their seats directly on the floor, tables and desks of the right height for on the floor living, chests of drawers, sideboards and cupboards scaled to match, lamps, tatammi mats ... and of course the Laptop Landing line.

Laptop Landing Stations all basically do one simple thing perfectly with variations in features between the models. They raise your laptop computer to a comfortable height on a small table to allow working while seated on the floor - perhaps in the Lotus yoga position, hence the name of the first model.

The Lotus is 4-inches high and features space for a 15" laptop computer with a mouse or trackbal and a drawer underneath to store peripherals, supplies and pencils. It's made of salvaged wormy chestnut wood with a light tung oil finish.

Other models include an elevated ledge for a pair of speakers, a matching cork post-it board, a keyboard light and a buffered electrical multi-strip. There is also a model designed to be used over your lap, say in bed with your legs extended under it, which is slightly higher and without a drawer. A matching backboard is also available which simply props up against any wall at a comfortable angle and has an adjustable neck cushion. There will also be models for use with our (slightly elevated) floor chairs which easily roll back and forth on casters.

The Lotus is a handmade piece of fine furniture fashioned from gorgeous wormy chestnut wood which you will take pleasure in for years. It will probably be priced at $150.00. Email us if you'd like to reserve your own Lotus. Every piece is custom crafted and shipping will begin in late August.