Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12

Finally found a new drawing program, easydraw, that works with OS X Tiger. And it was just $20 for a 9 month license, with $75 additional due within 2 months to buy the no-limit version. Did my first drawings right away, one of which you can see above, a sketch of Laptop Lotus. I liked the program immediately, powerful but very familiar and yes, easy, but with a deep feature set. Google Sketchup absolutely defeated me on all fronts, way too complicated. With this I was off and running in minutes.

Cooked Pasta Puttanesca for dinner, served with grated parmesan and faux pine nuts - toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Made using Thai and sweet basils, from the house garden, freshly dried tarragon and a pinch of dried marjoram. The Thai basil kicks and the tarragon, from the Roofscape garden garden, has very lemony rather than anise overtones.

Charles has a guest for the weekend, Richard Yanowitz, a writer. We discussed Roofscape in depth at breakfast. He and Charles have biked downtown to see the Tall Ships.

Working on the Hawks article again, doing further research on their parenting techniques.

Programmed an 8 song set based on the word or idea of slave. Started yesterday with the Temps (Temptations) song Slave.