Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 30

Working through all the Roofscape departments to make sure that each has at least one article, that every one has content. Added a new article Up on the Roof to Funk Shui, about building a simple roof deck. Started two new sections in Garden Journal - Oh Snap!, a scrapbook of snapshots and Twitpic, a best of Twitpic photographs. They may become regular features in one of the departments. The journal has turned into sort of a testing bed, among other things. All three are just below.

Worked on our client's Budget Bathroom Makeover. Painted the bath with a brushed finish on both the walls and trim. They looked fantastic, a great earthtone color.

Watched first two episodes of Merlin on Hulu. Great sets. Camelot never looked better. Anachronisms and all. Smokes Harry Pothead.