Friday, July 10, 2009

July 9

As you've probably noticed Roofscape Garden Journal actually has very little to do with gardening. I mean, considering its title. Oh well. We kind of think of Roofscape as one big garden, or garden party. And you're invited anyway.

A busy day in Roofscape Studio. Completely redid the Soundscape department page and added Rooftop Party Video, an archive of all the party videos featured on the Soundscape page. Added Dave Brubeck's 40 Days, live with Paul Desmond in this gorgeous tune. Programmed an eight song soul set for Radio Roofscape, Lou Rawls - Love is a Hurtin' Thing - to Marky Mark - Good Vibrations, with a detour for the La's - There She Goes. Laid out Erin's article. Added a new Twitpic pic, Kristin Warvik.

Finally back to finishing articles in the works, beginning with Hawks on the Wing, two installments of which appear just above and below this post.

We have two new followers on Twitter, one from Thailand and the other from Indonesia - welcome Icha! We now have 177 followers on Twitter, 104 listeners to Roofscape Radio and 236 subscribers to Roofscape News.

Designed the first Roofscape T-shirts. See the samples in posts below. What do you think?