Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14

Designed Roofscape T.2, Quality, shown just above. Charles convinced me that kitsch puts up numbers. And certainly a little humor helps (or can't hoit), so I went for both.

Worked on design of Laptop Landing Stations. Found a supplier of chestnut, with a current stock of former pew-backs. Expensive, but the LLS's don't take much wood and the look will be stunning. A sample of wormy chestnut is shown in the LLS|Lotus post, three below, but it doesn't do justice.

Still researching hawks, and birds more generally. Fascinating. Reading The Birder's Handbook by Paul Ehrlich. Combination field guide (if you have a sturdy sherpa) and general book on birds.

Went for a walk around local Dot. Found a magnificent outcropping of Puddingstone at the top of Virginia Street. It seems to have a slip fault running down the middle of it. All surfaces very weathered with round embedded stones projecting, so it must be old and natural, not cut and quarried. I guess, but I'm no geologist.

Clear, warm, partly cloudy, only slight humidity, wind from SW. Quiet, hushed. Bird song. Fred's birthday - maybe. She's already had about 50 this year, so I'd want to see some proof. She's throwing a party at Carson Beach tonight for the house, friends and relations. Lindsay's baking a spice cake. Later, Sandy cookin' up some something.