Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fire and Nice | Ugly Betty 4.15 | Rooftop Movie Night

Betty's entire family moves in with her after their salon/house burns down. Poppi and Justin both suspect they might have started the fire, but Hilda has heated suspicions about the Telurcios. Mark St. James and Justin have a heart to heart. Wilhemina reconnects with an old flame. Things heat up between Hilda and Bobby.

Daniel gets hot under the collar and discovers he has a long lost brother. Amanda totally has the hots for Claire's love child, although she and Daniel are currently 'fun buddies'. Betty dates a highly annoying fireman to speed the Suarez fire insurance settlement and stop the disaster they're making of her life (she gets thrown off the Lady Gaga account when Poppi slips an omelette in her laptop).

The Telurcio and Suarez families meet for Pasta Puttanesca ('whore sauce', Hilda calls it) at Betty's apartment and tempers flare. We finally learn who actually started the fire. Clue - who's the world's most flaming klutz?

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