Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19, 2010

Pete and I are working on a project at The Brewery complex in JP. It's a dense warren of various thriving small businesses located in the old Haffenreffer Brewery on Amory Street near the Stony Brook T stop. The area used to be the center of the German immigrant community in Boston and there were five breweries close by, of which Haffenreffer was the largest, along with other homey amenities of Germanic life - musical societies, social clubs, schools, etc.

The brand no longer exists, or at least not here, replaced by Sam Adams Beer, The Jamaica Plain School of Dance, Ula's Cafe, Bikes Not Bombs, Mike's Gym, Boston Pretzel Bakery, Milky Way Cafe, Bella Luna, etc. - 50 businesses in all employing 250 people. It's a really pleasant place with constant coming and going and Ula's is always packed. Good pea soup, almost as good as Charlie's. And the sun is out, spring is here. Smiling, relaxed faces everywhere after this rough winter.

Image ... Mural by Elizebeth Nicholson and Hilary Alder. On a utility box at Lamartine and Boylston Streets, Jamaica Plain across from the Stony Brook T Station.

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