Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23, 2010

An image made in Bay Village, a small microcosim, or microclimate, of the strange plucked from beneath the waves that once washed over Boston Neck. Edgar Allan Poe lived here. Case closed. Lady GaGa, your dress is ready for fitting.

Working on the cover. From the cover on in, as I call it. This involves changing the cover descriptions and links, adding the new articles or features, then updating the relevant department index page. Plus checking for and bringing everything up to the current graphic standard in terms of navBar, ads and layout, etc. It's dogs work.

Edited the N-E-W-S slightly. Swatted some typos moving down the page. New Cookout recipe Curried Cauliflower and Cheddar Soup. A really solid recipe, rich and satisying. The other VIEWS ar staying put until the 4/1 issue, which I'll begin work on as soon as this one's done. Remaining: GGTV, Beans and Thought. I think!

Cut some shelf stock in the workshop for a client job.

Image ... Torso. Bay Village, Boston.

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