Monday, March 29, 2010

March 30, 2010

cafeRa describes this picture as follows. WordLingo, my online translator, couldn't even begin to parse it. So here goes.
森美術館の アイ.ウェイウェイ展、驚いてばかり。あんなにおもしろい展覧会は久しぶりでした。北京オリンピックの鳥の巣を設計した一人でもある、中国人の現代アート。11月8日まで。いつてないひとは、ぜひ、
More rain from another lashing nor'easter. Perfect for indoor projects. Working in Jamaica Plain at the Brewery Complex for the Boston Pretzel Bakery. Today we're (or maybe just me) building a wagon with old fashioned wooden wagon wheels. I've built some strange stuff in my time. And right there too. The space, now subdivided maybe four or five times, used to be the scene shop of the Opera Company of Boston where I worked as a builder, pattern maker (my specialty), painter, stagehand (at the Orpheum Theatre downtown) and general all around dog's body. I got to stand offstage in the wings with Beverly Sills night after night then watch her sing from a few feet away. My favorite of her roles was Juliet with Tatiana Troyanos playing Romeo. She was about three times as big as he, I mean she.

Whittier in Snowbound has a line, if I remember correctly, about the tremendous 'privacy of the storm'. This isn't snow, thank god or we'd be up to our tits in it, but there's some sort of similar feeling. And it's rather nice. Lying in bed safe and snug, anway, watching the roaring beast through the windows. Until you have to go out in it.

Image ... Bicycles, Bejing.

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