Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010

Stopped at Charlie's for lunch - hot sausage sandwich and coleslaw. Asked Arthur, the owner, about the Western Lunch Box, where MLK used to eat (according to Trumpet, if recall correctly). He'd never heard of it, but said that there were loads of joints back then. He was cooking on the line at the time, but business was slow so he took the time to bend my ear. Filled me in on South End history and the Savoy Hotel at the corner of Columbus and West Newton, one of the few places blacks could stay in Boston and site of the original Savoy Cafe jazz club.

Did a half hour of PR. Saw the most incredible witchazel tree (no shrub this tree - tall, full, carefully groomed and pruned) outside the Appleton Street Cafe in their outdoor patio at the corner of Dartmouth. Stunning. The best I've ever seen, all the others by comparison merely bushes. Stunning scent.

Biked to Beacon Hill. Did a small job then more PR for an hour. Biked to the garden. Sat in the sunroom soaking up rays.

Day lilies several inches up. Wild onions six-inches tall and drooping down. Grackles back populating the big pitch pine. Geese, doves and other birds singing mating songs and swooping around in spring flight.

Image ... Stars.