Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010

There's a spectacular witchazel tree floating over the small patio of the Appleton Cafe at the corner of Appleton and Dartmouth Streets. No mere bush/shrub this, but a 20-foot tall, beautifully maintained tree, redolent of the distinct fragrance. Well worth a visit.

Meetings this weekend. New client, possible partner, new digs. Moving on, moving up. Decided, however, not to move to New Orleans. There's too much holding me here, I'm too invested in, too obsessed with Boston. And then there's the Dr. King in Boston book which, well, kind of requires being in Boston as the title suggests.

Next week will be crazy with new client projects, so today is Roofscape day, getting the new cover (they change on the 1st and 15th) ready for release on Monday. The new cover image is a photo I made in February looking into the now abandoned Seven50 Grill 'greenhouse' or 'conservatory' dining area, melding both the interior and exterior views (reflected in the glass). See On the Cover, the entry just above, for a sneak peek and some background on the photo.

Writing the welcome section just below the image and the brief intro to the magazine.

Programmed a set of spring music on Radio Roofscape.

Image ... Witchazel in the Snow. The Fens, Boston.

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