Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 29, 2010

Met two prospective clients in the South End this morning then spent the day in the garden. Did nothing, read, resting up for tomorrow's move. We're decamping to deeper Dot. Read the Exile article in Rollling Stone (the current New Yorker looking like a snooze fest). Nothing I didn't know or hadn't seen. Watered the plants.

3:00-71°. H-81°. L-56°. Sky-95% clouds. W-?. RH-moderate.

Got caught in thundershowers biking back home. I thought things were looking slightly ominous 10 minutes before the heavens opened up I was listening to WBZ and they were reporting t-storms just moving into the Berkshires with nothing arriving here until evening. Soaked! Stopped at Moe's BBQ for collards and cornbread.

Image ... Fenway Park at sunset.

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