Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Gospel Set . 47 | Blood on the Fields, by Wynton Marsalis - a sampler.

Join us every Sunday to give praise with the Sunday Gospel Set on Radio Roofscape. This week we're sampling Wynton Marsalis's sprawling and flawed 1994 Blood on the Fields, following the trials of a slace couple and their escape to freedom. Here's the set list, a series of short excerpts from most of the sections of this 3-1/2 hour work.

Calling the Indians Out
Move Over
You Don't Hear No Drums
The Market Place
Soul for Sale
Plantation Coffee March
Work Song (Blood on the Fields)

Lady's Lament
Flying High
Oh We Have a Friend in Jesus
God Don't Like Ugly
Juba and a O'Brown Squaw
Follow the Drinking Gourd
My Soul Fell Down
Forty Lashes
What a Fool I've Been
Back to Basics

I Hold Out My Hand
Look and See
The Sun Is Gonna Shine
Will the Sun Come Out?
The Sun Is Gonna Shine
Chant to Call the Indians Out
Calling the Indians Out
Follow the Drinking Gourd
Freedom Is In the Trying
Due North

Image ... Boston Vigilance Committee poster.

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