Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

South and southwest breezes pushing the temperature up into the 70's with light scattered showers. Pollen in the air cloying as the scent of Easter lilies. Trees fully leafed out. Birds singing as they build. Feels like it might thunder later, that feeling of hushed anticipation.

Working on Roofscape's May 1 cover. A little bit behind, as always. Another nude cover. Wrote the N-E-W-S @ Roofscape section, uploaded - and I'll work my way down the cover updating all the sections bit by bit.

Biked to garden with more plants, seeds, pots, seed starting containers in the wooden planter bungeed to back of bike. The new bike basket on rear rack has a huge carrying capacity. Got at new key for Fred at Mass. Lock on the way.

Cloudy with scattered sprinkles. H-94°. L-0°. 10:00-72°, rising into 80's, W-SW,10. Canada goose, house sparrow, grackle, mallard, mockingbird, starling, white-throated sparrow.

Finished turning over and grooming beds, although some may have to be done a third time because they're still really too wet to work (but I was growing impatient, it is after all now May).

Mined 24 gallons of finished compost out of composter #1, near the gate. Added to the 3 raised beds in the middle of the garden, 1 gallon or so per square foot. That composter had already been mined somewhat earlier in the year, say I would say that its yield was around 30 gallons, or about 2 beds worth. We have 2 more composters in the garden to mine and the huge public pile close by.

Planted 3 basil and 1 hot pepper.

Neighbors: Ron, Bonnie.

Image ... Shadows. Nassau, the Bahamas.

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