Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010

Here's the plan we sketched in the depths of winter for Roofscape's 2010 garden in Boston's Fenway Victory Gardens. Since then, Freddie's joined us, so things have already changed even as we begin to break ground and plant, a month-and-a-half or so late due to flooding.

The garden is about 30' wide and 30' deep, 900 s.f. The diagonals of the square are located along the cardinal points of the compass. We receive 8-12 hours of sun per day, depending on the time of year. The garden is divided into 9-4'x4' and 5-4'x2'6" planting beds. The paths and the patios are paved with wood chips. Each corner of the garden has a patio. Top left is for tools and the plant nursery, top right is the grape arbor for relaxing and reading, lower right is the sunroom for sunbathing in cooler weather and lower left is a small patio for catching the late rays of the setting sun. Three composters flank the garden.

Mined the composter at the back of the garden and completely filled the adjacent bed, C3, dug in and groomed. Very rich, friable soil.

Biked the rest of the seed starting setup to the garden - saw horses, pots, starting containers, lids, etc.

The ferns, just a few and a few inches tall on Saturday, are now everywhere and unfurled to over a foot tall.

Weather ... 11:00-80°. H-84°. L-48°. Sky- clear, cloudless. W- SW, 5-10. RH- low.

Birds ... Baltimore oriole, Canada goose, grackle, mallard, mourning dove, red-winged blackbird, starling, white-throated sparrow.

Image ... Roofscape garden, 2010.

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