Saturday, July 24, 2010

23 | Number Detective . 3

Hey there! I'm Chychy.
Welcome to Number Detective.

My beat is the city streets. The job is to bring you the best numbers we can find out there. Then share all sorts of cool stuff about them with you.

Wow, now this is a cool number, twenty-three! I found it on a porch in Dorchester. It's a street address, like many of the numbers I find.

In every city or town there are lots of streets and every street has a unique (one that's all its own) name. Then, on each street every building has its own unique number, like 23. These names and numbers, along with a few others, make up an address, a unique location on earth. Here's an example. Let's pretend this is where I live. This is how you'd address a letter to me ...
Chychy Loving (my name)
23 Dale Street (the street number and name)
Dorchester, MA 02124 (the city, state abbreviation and ZIP code)
Address numbers are said to run up or down the street - up is in the direction of bigger (or higher) numbers, down toward smaller (or lower) numbers. Usually one side of the street is even numbers and the other side is odd numbers.

An even number is one that can be divided by 2 with nothing left over. Odd numbers are not divisible by 2 without a remainder. In other words, an even number can be broken into 2 equal parts, an odd number will always have unequal numbers.

Say we have 6 Ninja Turtles. We can divide them into 2 groups of 3 each, 3 + 3 = 6. But if we have 7, the closest we can come (without cutting a turtle in half, which would make a huge mess and is strictly not allowed) is 3 + 4 = 7. The even and odd numbers follow each other, one after another - 1 (odd), 2 (even), 3 (odd), 4 (even), 5 (odd), and so on forever.

23 was Michael Jordan's number. 23 is a slam dunk in my book.

Image ... The number 23. Dorchester, Mass.

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