Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8, 2010

I photographed this garden in the early 2000's and now it's mostly gone and greatly reduced. My friend Sasha told me that it was the work of a blind sculptor. The blind part makes sense. But that's all I know of the story.

In the foreground, Jesus, arms outstretched blesses the whole mess (and I mean that in the nicest sense). David stands, naked, on top of a pair of giant breasts (at a guess) seeming to pee into a pot, a heavenly chorus of angels, squirrels, poodles and skunks is arranged in ranks around the perimeter of the garden. In the lower left is the corner of a ten-foot tall phallus topped with a bell. Weeping willows overhang the whole scene with wind chimes ringing in their branches.

And that's just the backyard. Walk around the block to the front of the house for a really baroque scene (which remains intact).

Image ... Blind sculptor's garden. South End, Boston.

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