Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yarmouth Street Garden . 1 | Garden Gates

Yarmouth Street is a quiet side street lined with Victorian bowfront brick houses fronted by small gardens tucked between what may be the tallest stoops in the South End, the despair of all postmen. We've been hired to design and build one of these gardens by a client who has been enjoying a garden we did around the corner on Carleton Street. Above is a frontal view of the existing space as seen from the curb.

This is a before view from the left corner of the space as seen from the sidewalk. At the right rear of the image you'll notice a small door under the stoop. This is the way that many South Enders enter their homes which are often now configured with an open plan kitchen - living space opening out onto a garden or deck in the back of the building. The garden will create a strong first impression and set the tone for entering the house.

Here's another before view, this from the right, standing in the narrow walkway that leads to the door under the stoop. At the rear of the image, between the window and the fence, you'll notice a slab of concrete at the base of the brick wall pitching down toward the yard. It's certainly not an original part of the house. My guess is that this was added to divert water away from the house to prevent flooding in the basement. The slab is in need of some repair and part of the garden's design will be determined by the need to maintain the flow of water away from the foundation.

Here, in another before view, we're standing by the door under the stoop looking through the gate into into the garden toward Yarmouth Street. This angle clearly reveals the current miscellaneous mess (nice fence though). We'll be starting over from scratch. But with a great space - and that's what counts.

Image ... Yarmouth Street garden. Before views: front, left, right, back.

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