Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

A view looking up the Muddy River from the Richardson Bridge, Boylston Street. The Fenway Victory Gardens are off to the right, Mother's Rest is on the left. The building beyond the bend in the river (top left) is the fire department's alarm headquarters.

Song stuck in my head ... that would still be Fire in Cairo by The Cure.

A project for Kelly's Underground Dog Grooming today. Breakfast at Charlie's. Stopped by Community on way back to check on progress of bike. Yes, finally progress, over $250 worth of it in fact. Shocked but not surprised. I did say something very bad when I got the news though, it's true. This bike, a classic Schwinn Collegiate from the 70's (according to Tommy Long, bike collector and drummer for the Dogmatics), is a labor of love and insanity (the two being the same). I could have bought a brace of Bianchis with the bucks that I've shelled out for this baby. But it is the best bike that I've owned. It just has some issues. Like it wants to bankrupt me. And of course a Bianchi would have disappeared long ago.

Charles emailed from Costa Rica. They're off to look for jaguars in the jungle. Freddy checked in from the garden. She's holding things down while I'm bike-less and dealing with domestic disturbances. The cicadas and crows are chorusing together with the wind chimes - bamboo, metal, shells - for a backup trio.

Finished the first Number Detective installment. I have no idea if kids, or anyone, will dig it. Anyway, it was fun to image and write. Who knew that there were happy and unhappy (also called sad) numbers? Moreover, that's a concept I totally get, although like much of math it's really very mysterious. But we've got the Number Detective to help us out now. Next up is 17, one of my faves, the least-random random number.

Quote of the Day
If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.
Katharine Hepburn

Image ... Muddy River, Boston.

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