Friday, July 23, 2010

July 24, 2010

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I really enjoy this picture. Good vibrations. Taken in the playground on Washington Street by East Berkeley, who's name I always space out on. I'll try to find it today when I walk by to finally pick up my bike.

It's graffiti or a tag. The park's been renovated and it no longer exists, replaced by other painted images on what is a tennis backboard (I think it's called, where you practice your serves).

Appropriation is the project of all art, indeed of life. This is a small slice of a bigger picture, carefully selected, stored, then edited to create the image. An image which is another work of art. I never had any problem with this. It's as natural as Ansel photographing Yosemite. And come to think of it, if Ansel had been standing in my spot he would have made this picture too. I can somewhat speak with assurance because we share birthdays.

Andy Warhol put it this way ... Art is what you can get away with. Did you know that he didn't even take the simple photo that was the basis for his flower silk screens (he later got sued and settled)? But remember this - always steal from the best. And never a borrower be from mediocrity.

I want to give a note of appreciation to my beautiful neighborhood - between the Shawmut and Fields Corner T stations in Dorchester - this wonderful house and my super housemates, Alexia and Sabrina. And yes, the area does in fact sport a street called Paisley Park. People here keep their homes so beautifully with creative and well cared for gardens and landscaping. It's such a pleasure to live here, so peaceful and stimulating, such a great spirit.

Song stuck in my head ... See You in September. But the song playing right now is Miles So What? Live with Trane. So what could be better? Fun fact ... The cowriter of SYIS also wrote 57 songs for Elvis.

Picked up my bike, finally, at Community Bicycle. $258! New rear wheel with double rim wall and more spokes, new double-walled rubber front and back, brake repair. I have to say it's the best it's ever ridden.

Stoppped by Deeny job. Stopped at Kelly's, but she was out of town, surprise. Went by garden. Everything OK despite me missing watering. Maybe Fred did it. Everything is huge and lush, including the weeds and lawn. Visited a new client.

Stopped by the Carter School to check on the light. Late afternoon will probably be best for photographing what I've come to call The King Circle, a circular arrangement of large granite foundation stones from the building that Dr. King lived in with Coretta, where they began their married life, before leaving for Montgomery. There's a fountain in the middle of it in the form of a large overflowing jar. How unintendedly appropriate. The overflowing fountain motif occurs throughout the South End, memorials to the Civil War dead. And here is one to the Civil Rights dead. This one, I believe, has a switch that the kids can activate. It's going to make a great picture. I may need a ladder, to get up high, to capture the circle. I'll ask Marianne, the principal, if the school has one I can use.

Biked back home. Another hot, muggy day. Hit a cool sea breeze by South Bay, but it didn't last.

Quote of the Day
Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.
Vince Lombardi

Image ... Blue Tag. South End, Boston.

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