Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21, 2010

Edward Hopper once said ... All I really wanted to do was to paint the shadows on the side of a building. Now this is recalled from memory and I'm probably paraphrasing, but the sense and the sentiment have stuck accurately in my mind all these years. And it's a statement I completely understand.

That's Frederika, my wonderful garden partner, with her parents when they visited from Germany last year. She's being all shy as usual.

Freddie or Fred, as we call her, is from Berlin and currently a post doc at Harvard doing genetics research. She's been taking care of the garden while my bike's been in the shop. Here's her recent report.

all the plants say hello to you - they are really well watered now, i was just there.

'****The crisis is just too stupid to say. I'm an utter moron. I paid for it and made everyone sign a cast-iron non-disclosure. No one will ever know.****

... SO? now i am REALLY INTERESTED !!

and i seemed to be right, your bike actually is an UFO now (and a pretty cheap one)!

I picked my first large tomato today - i'm totally excited how it turns out.

I also picked some of the basil, because it started to flower and i was afraid that it otherwise stops to grow too soon.

and i picked few leaves of your kale/cabbage - they are really massiv and these leaves treatened to turned bad soon, so i picked them. however, i think it is not even noticable that i picked these leaves... you should definitely take a huge bag with you next time you visit the garden!

and your lettuce is about to flower - however, it really looks beautiful the way they grow there!

when i watered them, on of the lettuces however was bent, so i decided to take it home - i hope that's okay (i can make sure we get new lettuce plant, if you like)

I also watered the little piece next to the fence in the small garden, however, this part doesn't seem to do so well... maybe it is also too late in the year for this part? well, few things are still growing, so what.

SO, summing up: the garden is wonderful, everything grows like crazy and it's a paradise!!.

Translation of comment (below) ... Love is a great teacher, teaches us to turn over a new leaf. Courtesy of WorldLingo. This is the first comment from China that's made the least bit of sense. Just learned that Google now offers translation and here's how it rendered ... Love is a great teacher, taught us rehabilitated. Ouch! It also detected the language automatically.

Cleaning the back porch, deck and railings on hands and knees with a sponge and bucket - scrubbing. Sweat pouring off me. Cat keeping me company. Cicadas singing loudly. A walk of a few blocks in the noon heat and sun exhausting.

Working on the Calabi-Yau article again, studying string theory.

Made a zucchini puttanesca with with what was on hand.

Quote of the Day
Thinking is one thing no one has ever been able to tax.
Charles Kettering

Image ... Shadows on the Side of a Building. The Fenway, Boston.

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