Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4, 2010

A few years ago the Red Sox held an open house for the Fenway neighbors to show off the impressive new renovations (Monster seats, etc). They gave us a guided tour around the park (with hot dogs) then we were free to wander around anywhere on our own. I spent a couple of hours photographing in the late afternoon light, clearing after rain, and made some good photographs. This picture is of a rehearsal for unfolding a flag on the field. I guess that when you have a flag this big you have to rehearse.

Here it is the Fourth. My dad's birthday. We always used to have a cookout for him with grilled salmon, peas from the garden, new potato salad, strawberry shortcake and sangria. Typical Yankee (meaning New England, not our New York nemesis) fare, well not the sangria.

Alexia's away on a shoot, Sabrina's studying, Frederike's taking care of the garden today, Poochy (the cat) is sprawled at my feet catnapping and I'm doing some housework then going to Monadnock Street to help Charles build a woodshed.

Spent yesterday in the garden doing next to nothing except staying in the shade and reading lazily as the temps climbed toward 90°. Well no, I did reorganize the outdoor office and made a new desk, then shopped for some supplies at Staples. The robins seem almost ready to fledge. They're so big that the three no longer fit in the nest and one is perched precariously on its rim. Their growth in just over a week since hatching blind and featherless looking like tiny plucked chickens (seee May 28) has been phenomenal. OH yes, and I made some pictures today. So not nothing. But next to it.

The neighbors were partying down last night - party over here, party over there. Rehearsing, speaking of rehearsal, for the Fourth. Nonstop fireworks bombardments. One party broke into a loud Pledge of Allegiance at one point (we have many immigrant neighbors, especially Vietnamese). The crows are going crazy today, cawing their heads off outside my window while a distant church bell faintly tolls. Timeless.

Biked over to Uphams Corner and helped Charles build his woodshed. It's about 10' wide x 5' deep, good for over a cord. Completed the entire structure and started on the siding when Charles reached his limit and we stopped. Worked roughly 11-4 with a few short breaks. Had fun, got the job done. Biked back to Fields Corner. Fourth parties getting going. Tonight will no doubt be nuts.

Quote of the Day
I am certain there is too much certainty in the world.
Michael Crichton

Image ... Flag on the field at Fenway Park.

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