Monday, February 22, 2010

Bongo in Squaresville . 1

Bongo in Squaresville is a weekly show devoted to jazz music, of every style, that's gone down here in Boston through the decades. Join us on Radio Roofscape every Wednesday night. Here's the playlist for the February 17 show.

Duke Ellington with Paul Gonsalves - Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue. Newport, 1956.
Dave McKenna - Rodgers and Hart Medley.
Ruby Braff - You're a Lucky Guy.
George Wein and his Newport All Stars - Lady Be Good. Newport, 1974.
Johnny Hodges - A Few Minutes with Johnny Hodges.
Earl Hines and Jackie Byard - Piano Duet.
Roy Haynes - A Life in Time: The Roy Haynes Story.
Sonny Stiit - Everything Happens to Me.

The show was inspired by a comment from Nat Hentoff.
There ought to be a Boston jazz series - from Johnny Hodges and Harry Carney, to Roy Haynes, Herb Pomeroy, Ruby Braff, and the players continuing the heritage in the clubs right now.
From The Shape of Jazz That Was - A native son's look back at jazz in Boston at midcentury. Boston Magazine, October 2001.

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