Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010

Snow. Then sleet, rain, sleet and snow. A wintery mix. Biked downtown. Most of the roads clear, an inch or two here and there to plow through. Project on the Hill. Planned to bike back but client forbade. Took Silver Line. Enjoyed the snowy scenery and drifting thoughts, almost like poetry or the edge of a dream. And warm. All the connections swift.

A north wind, the falling night and tall snow-brushed hemlock, the distant surf sound of car tires spinning over slushy streets. Hum of the heater keeping us warm with the far-off, distant (but ever diminishing} farts of dinosaurs. A dozen hardy seedlings on the seed starting / transplant table. Springs eternal, I hopes.

The only thing that you don't know seems to be what you don't know.

Image ... Glass blocks. Dorchester, Mass.

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