Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010

Worked on Dr. King in Boston. Writing about the Dialectical Society, the informal group of fellow black graduate students interested in philosophy and religion, that ML founded and continued throughout his three years at B.U. Organized the reference books, thanks to a pad of PostIt notes that Charles gave me. Went through the King file, organized and read all new material. Cleaned up MLK notes in laptop notebook (Personal Organizer, a great if rather unlovely app), which I'm going to use for all research now. I feel on top of things now, finally in control of this project. An article which it looks like will turn into a book.

A day of in/out sun and on/off rain. Watering my plants. The office is so dry. Remembering they need to be misted and a fan run part of the day to circulate air around them. Need to find a spray bottle.

The police caught the two hood rats who murdered the convenience store clerk at Hermanos Unidos on Sunday and they were arraigned in Roxbury District Court yesterday. The punks, 16 and 17, live(d) only a few blocks away on Hartford Street. Just what I suspected. I knew they were from the nabe. The DA says he will prosecute them as adults. An anonymous tip, a call from one of their mothers voicing her suspicions and the unusual immediate use of a grand jury broke the case wide open with almost unprecedented speed. Everyone's breathing a big sigh of relief, especially the merchants on Dudley Street, at least according to one shopkeeper I spoke with.

Image ... House Tops. Edward Hopper.

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