Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28, 2010

Working on the March 1 edition of Roofscape. Above is the new cover image. A nice summery photograph to offset winter's gray nadir.

March 2 marks the 55th anniversary of one of the seminal events of the civil rights movement. On this day in 1955 an angry black teenager, Claudette Colvin, refused to surrender her seat to a white woman on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama and was dragged off to jail shouting, "It's my constitutional right!" This was nine months before Rosa Parks, age 42, secretary of the local NAACP chapter and trained at the Highlander Folk School, took the same stand.

To learn about this major, but not well-known, civil rights figure and get a fresh perspective on the subsequent Montgomery Bus Boycott, we'd like to recommend an excellent new book, Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice by Maine author Phillip Hoose.

Made the Shepherd's Pie, outlined four posts below. Well this isn't it. I was worrying about other stuff, serious stuff, and so not focusing. Made mistakes. Which I knew the minute I did them, if not before. Came out like a soup version of the dish. But it tasted OK. It still might be cool. Maybe it's shepherd's stew pie.

Image (at top) ... Sunbather in a Saltmarsh. Gloucester, Mass.

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