Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

Peter and Frederike are off to Berlin. I'm on my own for a few weeks. It will seem like a vacation for me too. If one could call Berlin in winter, or at any time, a vacation.

We're launching a new Radio Roofscape show, Bongo in Squaresville, devoted to the jazz music and musicians in Boston down through the jazz decades. It will air every Wednseday evening.

Worked for ongoing client on the Hill today. Biked down and back.

The media, all the Boston stations, are camped out adjacent to and around the corners from Hermanos Unidos on Dudley. They must be expecting a break in the murder/robbery case. And this just in, a triple shooting in Dot, gang-related. Drugchester is smoking.

Image ... Erikson monument and Fenway flyover with cleomes, Boston.

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