Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

This photograph is composed of many triangles - arrows, spears and convergences. It was taken from inside the Copps Hill Burying Ground, in the North End, looking down onto Snowhill Street running in the foreground.

A friend of mine, Al Petrucelli, said he used roller skate down Snowhill and stop his imminent demise by grabbing onto and swinging around the sign post at the apex of the triangular front yard of the peaked little witch's house.

Peter and I spent the day doing a project on Beacon Hill. Cold bike rides there and back again. It's cool that we get our fitness training in the course of getting paid rather than paying a gym to ride a bike in front of a TV screen. With people who, at a guess, are in front of screens all day.

Image ... Snowhill Street, Boston, from the Copps Hill Burying Ground.

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