Friday, February 5, 2010

Rooftop Movie Night . 3 | Ugly Betty 4.13 | Chica and the Man

Wilhelmina discovers she has a drag queen impersonator; Betty's blog wins an award; Marc runs his own photo shoot with a famous actress and director.

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Janice Cawyer wrote this on Hulu last week.
Another good show canceled. I just read this morning that ABC was canceling Ugly Betty due to ratings. Of all the junk shows that are on TV, its a shame when a show is so sweet and that carries such a wonderful message of optimism is canceled. I love all the characters, even Wilhelmina. I understand that networks must make money, but I wish they would rethink their decision. I will miss this show.

We will too. One of the wittiest and most touching shows ever on TV with characters you could really care about. Great ensemble - scripts, cast, the whole package. Too bad.

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