Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010

Doing some desktop cleaning, organizing and planning to manage this crazy workload. Multiple projects in the air at once. Which is exciting ... but.

Peter and I are doing this difficult job on Beacon Hill. Part of the difficulty is going in and out of doors all day long, at least I am, Pete's been doing interior painting. The bike ride there and back again is tough too, 26° when we left with wind. Just riding, through the dense cold air, adds its own wind chill. Cold waning moon, Wolf Moon, shining through the window, slinking to the west beyond the sashes.

Worked with Peter on Beacon Hill project. The original day from hell. What can I say? Our roofer totally messed everything up. We're now in worse shape than we were before. In other words, we're actually going backwards. And we already celebrated Groundhog Day. Didn't leave town until after dark, bussed back. Climbed in bed. Wrote this. Fuming, venting. My brain feels paralyzed for any actual creative activity. Maybe I'll watch Ugly Betty again.

Image ... Curtains. The Bailey's, Cedar Lane Way, Boston.

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