Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010

Two days free with nothing to do but write and prepare the new issue of Roofscape. Snow falling gently. Then next week is a scramble. But we'll leave that 'til then. And cook. A shepherd's pie I think. A recipe I've been working on but haven't yet nailed. Maybe this time. Just put the stock pot on the fire to simmer. And program the Sunday Gospel Set, of course. Rocking it out this week with all urban contemporary - Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, DOC, etc. Mary Mary's God in Me is the featured video. Their joints continue to blow me away.

Raccoons have been raiding the compost bin for a while now and they're not neat eaters. Stuff strewn all over the yard.

Image ... Painter. Commonwealth Avenue, Boston.

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