Thursday, February 18, 2010

Februart 18, 2010

Writing Dr. King in Boston. Although maybe it should be called Dr. King and Boston. Maybe not, but I just included a lot about the South End where he lived at the time while attending B.U.

Just got an email that Radio Roofscape has added its 600th listener. That's over 2 per day since we hit 500 on New Year's Eve. And fewer than 5 blips per new listener, which has been our average. Both trends notching up. We love you all madly.

A dozen transplants on the table in the window.
5 - Mexican Wild tomatoes, 4" tall.
2 - Hot peppers, 3".
1 - Eggplant, 2".
4 - Basil, 2".
All looking healthy, hardy and happy. Touched by the last sun as it slips around the house, late now, at 1:00, as the days lengthen towards spring and planting time.

Image ... Upham's Corner Firehouse. Dorchester, Mass.

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