Monday, June 22, 2009


Launched a new department ... Cityscape explores the urban landscapes around the world. We take in both the sweeping panoramas and quiet corners of cities worldwide, nature and human nature, places to see and places to be seen and make the scene.

Charles Thiesen is now in Paris working on the first article, Promenade Plantee. ... Winding through the heart of Paris is a garden - up in the air. Built on top of an old elevated railway line, the Promenade Plantee begins at the Bastille and runs for three miles, mostly through the 12 th arrondissement, roughly at third floor level of the adjacent buildings. As you stroll by flowering garden beds, under swaying bamboo and amidst blooming trees you get a spectacular perspective on Paris and its architecture. Charles is going to take us on a walk.

Image ... The Clouds Today. San Fransisco. By Mathew Spolin.

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