Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18

Stones in a front yard on St. Botolph Street. Boston, Massachusetts.

I took this picture after having lunch at Charlie's, while I was working at Sharon's. The gray beach stones were lined along a front yard fence. The image was enhanced, filtered and the saturation bumped up quite a lot (75% or so), really bringing out the latent colors captured by the stones. It often pays to play. A simple and satisfying picture.

What if Andy Warhol were alive now. What do you think he'd be making of these new mediums? Digital cameras, blogs, laptops. Everything is my best guess. You know where the Diaries of Andy Waarhol would be. With lots of pictures.

I have to say that Garden Journal is one of my favorite parts of the magazine, and in the past (our past incarnation) it's always been popular with readers as well. It's a pleasure to produce, easy and effortless. Probably distracting us from the serious effort, that is to say work, of making a magazine. But, as we know, writers always have to have several writing avoidance strategies always at their fingertips (lest they tap those keys). Twitter helps too. There are only so many weeds.

Launched the Kid'scape department, the playground for kids at Roofscape. See the post just above. Very exciting. First article is Walkie-Talkie Hide and Seek.

Fresh Street Scene article by Word!, So I'm llike quotatives? Laughing at no laughing matter.