Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 26

Wrote and imaged Snappers . 1, on snapping turtles. Activated the Wild Lives department, devoted to animals, both wild and domestic.

Got an email from Charles in Paris. He and Joanne walked the Promenade Plantee yesterday. Wish I was there! Responded, reporting the Dot . news. Had a long chat with Lindsay late last night. Tweeted Paul, my nephew, a few minutes ago.

The weather looking ominous, as always lately. It seems to be misting, so while not really raining we won't forget about rain. A restless breeze. Birds fly low, a sign of rain. Their songs and distant muffled church bells rending the Sunday silence. Fire escape outside the office loaded with cornichon, Burpee Pickler.

Radio Roofscape added 20 new listeners over 2 days, probably from the special Michael Jackson set. Janet leads off with Together Again and that incredible dance video shot in Africa. Some of the craziest choreography I've ever seen.

The rain held off and I worked at a client's on Beacon Hill. Walked Charles Street to buy some supplies. The usual throng of tourists jamming the sidewalks. This is not a part of town you can walk three abreast and not gridlock the length of the street. The street's really changed - for the worse. Charles Street used to be Boston's antiques row with close to 40 antiques shops. Almost all gone, maybe a half dozen left. Replaced by high-priced ugly yuppie/preppie clothing and homewares boutiques. Charles Street use to be a walking art education. Just window shopping you saw so much and learned. And many of the dealers were world-class experts. Although often odd. Very old world. Gone.