Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23

Wrote and uploaded the new Cityscape department page.

Posted on Craigslist inviting contributors. See the post above. It's really pulling in responses, some of them excellent.

A real turn off, and there are lots of them? People who just say 'applying for the position see resume attached'. Robo-writers? Straight to trash.

A good cover letter is key. Actually forget the resume. Just a good letter. Tell me you understand what we're up to. Show me you can write from jump street. Photographers mostly tend to have wretched websites they enclose links to. What's up with that? And I don't mean just bad, boring photos, although that's endemic too. You do have a sense of design, don't you?

Surprise, another day of liquid sunshine.

Edited and imaged Olmsted's Green Ribbon It's now done as far as written. Sketched the second half or maybe 2/3's?).

Worked on the Budget Bathroom Makeover project. Plumber disconnected sink. Removed and demoed vanity, cut and dropped in new. Uncrated all fixtures. Trash out. Tacked up medicine cabinet and lights. Stopped by Hastone to solve more stone problems, maybe. Biked back to office in light rain and mist.

Redesigned Screenscape page and added first download, Housetops by Edward Hopper.