Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13

Two deer were captured in Dorchester yesterday. Photo by George Rizer, courtesy of the Boston Globe. The bucks were tranquilized and driven, snoring, to 'an undisclosed location in central Massachusetts'.

Went with Charles to Home Depot to get supplies for building new fence in the yard at home - 2x3's, 3" galvanized deck screws and 4p galvanized common nails. The place was almost empty, we sped in and out, as with shopping with a client last Saturday. The recession must be hitting HD hard, although it is a gorgeous beach day.

Moved my personal work space online to Google Notebooks and Calendar, pretty much abandoning Personal Organizer after years of use. They're just too powerful to ignore and I have confidence in the security and safety of Google and the future of cloud computing in general. Google's integrated suite of products: gMail, Blogger, Picasa, Groups, Notebooks, Calendar and Documents are all killer apps. And together? No wonder Google rules. Quite rightly.

Worked through our Constant Contact mailing list, cutting and adding.

Added our second radio station, Radio Roofscape 2. Radio 2 is devoted to cool jazz, ambient, trance, minimalism, new age, acoustic and folk music - down tempo and chill music in general.