Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17

Finished the Pho Faux recipe. At the same time, developed a new recipe page design. And it looks great - finally! The recipe page layout has given me maybe more trouble than all the other pages put together. Now, with the design nailed, they need photos. Every page in the magazine must have at least one photo. That's what makes a magazine. Now all the other recipe pages need to be brought up to the new standard.

Designed contributors page. Each contributor has a personal page with info about them, a photo, a list of all their works in the magazine and contact info. Made the first pages, for Charles and me. Updated the Contributors index page, which is accessed from the About Roofscape department index page.

Biked to the garden in the late morning. A sunny day - and a day off - finally. Read (OK, Stuff magazine), wrote (well, jotted some notes), chilled (true enough), did nothing (what gardens are really for), napped (soundly under the grape arbor). Picked a plastic shopping bag of mixed greens, 3 pounds - kale, collards, mustard and chard. Weeded beds, 1 bucket's worth. Biked back home.

1:00- 74°. H- 92°. L- 39°. Sky- sun, high thin clouds. Wind- S,1-5. Reset maximum/minimum thermometer. Not sure what period these m/m temps are for. I'll be more careful in resetting and recording regularly.